Meditative concert

A concert that brings the public into a silent atmosphere. Listeners might be seated or laying down. I use influences of Dhrupad singing as well as other ethnic singing forms. I love to dive into the group energy, and gently develop the concert from this space of “togetherness”. A great musical experience for people looking to meditate, relax and be inspired.

This concert is performed in collaboration with Benoit Rolland. Benoit has many years of experience as an electroacoustic contemporary composer (conservatory of Montreal) while also being a passionate yogi teacher & practitioner. This combination makes him an ideal partner for this type of concerts in which a meditative quality is the foremost important aspect in the music being created.

Musicians and instrumentation:
Ina Filip - voice, flute, tampoura, Tibetan bowls.
Benoit Rolland - electroacoustic drones, guitar, effects.

Duration: from 30m to 60m.

Listen to a sample here: xxxx


Classical Indian Concert

This is a traditional dhrupad performance in which a raga (Indian scale) is developed in all of its virtuosity, from the extremely low tempo phrases to the ultra-fast paced polyrhythmic ones. A great performance for ancient music lovers and foreign classical music adepts.

These concerts are usually performed in trio: a vocal duo (Ina Filip + Payton MacDonald) & a tabla player - Shawn Mativetsky. Payton MacDonald is a senior student from Gundecha Brothers, and a music professor in New Jersey, USA. Shawn Mativetsky is one of the main references in North America for tabla players, he travels extensively as a performer and teaches at McGill university as well.

Every year one or two tours will be organized with this trio. This year 2018 we will be in New York the first week of October and in Quebec for the two last weeks of October. We are open to new bookings.

Musicians and instrumentation:
Ina Filip - voice, tampoura.
Payton MacDonald - voice.
Shawn Mativetsky - tablas.

Duration: from 1h to 2h.

Listen to a sample here:

DJ Neerav & Ina FIlip Liveset

We love to create powerful music that brings people into ecstatic dance, deep meditative spaces and everything in between. DJ Neerav has decades of experience in the international DJaying scene, with a strong shamanic vibe. I love singing along his DJ sets because I get to explore all kinds of vocal expressions besides my traditional Indian background. from Classic to Brazilian, shamanic to pop, celestial to tribal. Whatever the crowd energy and the inspiration call forth!  We have performed in electronic festivals, private parties & special yoga classes (Wanderlust, breathing mandalas with Annie Langlois, etc).


Musical accompaniment for yin restorative classes

Since many years I have accompanied thousands of yogis in their meditative restorative practice. Interweaving the teacher’s guidelines, I create gentle deep melodic lines to accompany the students into deeper layers of their practice. The ancestral Dhrupad techniques used in the vocalizations are designed to bring about a meditative state in the listener.

Ina Filip: Voice, flute, tampoura, Tibetan bowls, drone.

Listen to a sample here: xxxx