Moved by a passion for vocal improvisation and a wish to discover the depths of music and voice, Ina left her original country – Brazil, and embarked upon a journey that continues to this day.

With her voice and guitar as her home, she traveled for four years through over a dozen countries as a singing nomad. Ina sang to the oceans, with the children, in the villages, and with fellow travelers. However, it was her experience chanting with the Taitas (shamans) in the Amazon that left in her the deepest impression of the power of sacred sound.

After traveling, she found herself diving into the international festival scene working with DJs in fusion collaborations, bringing spirit and voice to the power of electronic music at events such as Boom festival (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), and Eclipse (Canada). From there, she settled in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where she pursued studies in Pop Singing at UQAM university, while also exploring the improvisational works of Bobby Mcferrin and Rhiannon. Her onstage performances included: Festival du Jazz de Montreal, Place des Arts, and Agora de la Danse (to name a few).

Moved by a strong admiration for the improvisational vocal tradition of Northern India, Ina traveled there in 2013 where she met her current singing mentors, the renowned Gundecha brothers. They are the world’s foremost exponents of Dhrupad (the most ancient branch of classical Indian music). She has been pursuing her studies under their guidance ever since, living half the year in India, in their intern school. Dhrupad, in its depth, is pure Nad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound). Her studies have completely revolutionized and transformed her way of experiencing sound and its relation to consciousness.

Weaving together and resourcing her inspirations from these various traditions (along with her original Brazilian musical heritage), she has refined a sound of her own, as conveyed in her project “Ina Filip”. This project is her platform for sharing vocal improvisations and compositions exploring different styles, in collaboration with various artists (DJ Neerav of Interchill Records, Kai Matthews -aka C# orchestra, Hannah Vincentzen, and others).

If she is not working on her project from her Montreal home base or in Northern India with her teachers, you can catch her at festivals, concerts, yoga workshops and retreats, mostly in North America, and sometimes in other places around the globe.