Cantos de Ma (Songs of Ma) 

In this album, Ina Filip unites her culture’s music tradition with Classical Indian singing, creating a fresh and unique take on raga based music. Engineered and produced by Emmy and Juno award nominated producer, Adham Shaikh, Cantos de Ma is a deep sound journey inspired by Megh, the raga of the monsoon. A prayer to Water, an offering to the Mother.  

 Ina Filip : voice, tanpura, composition
C# Orchestra : fretless guitar, midi, arrangements
Hannah Louise Winzentsen: Vichitra veena
Adham Shaikh: piano, arrangements, composition

Minuit en Fleur

A downtempo single, with  electronic influences. 

Ina Filip: composition, arrangements, voice, didgeridoo, bansuri, midi.

C# Orchestra: fretless guitar, composition, arrangements.



A composition inspired on raga Durga and Brazlian music. It became part of the soundtrack for the movie "Sonic Divide" by Payton McDonnald (NY, USA, 2016).



In collaboration with DJ Neerav, Guillaume Duchesneau and C# Orchestra. Samples of djay live sets.




in collaboration with DJ Neerav, sample of live DJ sets.



A sound meditation made for Yoga on Gaia, in collaboration with Benoit Rolland, aka Gentil Panda. We share it here with you also :).  Two versions available for download at the band camp page.