Cantos de Ma (Songs of Ma) 

In this album, Ina Filip unites her culture’s music tradition with Classical Indian singing, creating a fresh and unique take on raga based music. Engineered and produced by Emmy and Juno award nominated producer, Adham Shaikh, Cantos de Ma is a deep sound journey inspired by Megh, the raga of the monsoon. A prayer to Water, an offering to the Mother.  

 Ina Filip : voice, tanpura, composition
C# Orchestra : fretless guitar, midi, arrangements
Hannah Louise Winzentsen: Vichitra veena
Adham Shaikh: piano, arrangements, composition

Minuit en Fleur

A downtempo single, 15min long, with some electronic influences. 

Ina Filip: composition, arrangements, voice, didgeridoo, bansuri, midi.

C# Orchestra: fretless guitar, composition, arrangements.



A composition inspired on raga Durga and Brazlian music. It became part of the soundtrack for the movie "Sonic Divide" by Payton McDonnald. This song is part of a series being composed, 4 compositions inspired on 4 different ragas. We will be releasing more samples and info about this recording project.



In collaboration with DJ Neerav, Guillaume Duchesneau and C# Orchestra. Samples of djay live sets.




in collaboration with DJ Neerav, sample of live DJ sets.



A sound meditation made for Yoga on Gaia, in collaboration with Benoit Rolland, aka Gentil Panda. We share it here with you also :).  Two versions available for download at the band camp page.