Moved by a passion for vocal improvisation and a wish to discover the depths of music and voice, Ina left her original country – Brazil, and embarked upon a journey that continues to this day.

With her voice and guitar as her home, she traveled for four years through over a dozen countries as a singing nomad. Ina sang to the oceans, with the children, in the villages, and with fellow travelers. However, it was her experience chanting with the Taitas (shamans) in the Amazon that left in her the deepest impression of the power of sacred sound.

After traveling, she found herself diving into the international festival scene working with DJs in fusion collaborations, bringing spirit and voice to the power of electronic music at events such as Boom festival (Portugal), Universo Paralello (Brazil), and Eclipse (Canada). From there, she settled in Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where she pursued studies in Pop Singing at UQAM university, while also exploring the improvisational works of Bobby Mcferrin and Rhiannon. Her performances included: Festival de Jazz de Montreal, Place des Arts, and Agora de la Danse (to name a few).

Moved by a strong admiration for the improvisational vocal tradition of Northern India, Ina traveled there in 2013 where she met her current singing mentors, the renowned Gundecha brothers. They are the world’s foremost exponents of Dhrupad (the most ancient branch of classical Indian music). She has been pursuing her studies under their guidance ever since, living half the year in India, in their intern school. Dhrupad, in its depth, is pure Nad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound). Her studies have completely revolutionized and transformed her way of experiencing sound and its relation to consciousness.

With the years Ina has become one of the ambassadors of this sacred art in North America, sharing it through her music as well as numerous workshops at both national and international levels.

Weaving together and resourcing her inspirations from these various traditions (along with her original Brazilian musical heritage), she has also refined a sound of her own, as conveyed in her project “Ina Filip”. This project is her platform for sharing vocal improvisations and compositions exploring different styles, in collaboration with various artists (Benoit Rolland, Kai Matthews aka C# orchestra, Adham Shaikh, Hannah Vincentzen, and others).

If she is not working on her project from her Eastern Townships home base or in Northern India with her teachers, you can catch her at festivals, concerts, yoga workshops and retreats, mostly in North America, and sometimes in other places around the globe.

Performances highlights

Shawn Mativetsky, payton macdonnald & Ina Filip

Shawn Mativetsky, payton macdonnald & Ina Filip

open mind festival, with DJ Neerav and guillaume Duchesnau

open mind festival, with DJ Neerav and guillaume Duchesnau

accompanying Gundecha brothers at Salle Bourgie, Montreal

accompanying Gundecha brothers at Salle Bourgie, Montreal

Foro Boca, Veracruz, Mexico.

Foro Boca, Veracruz, Mexico.

accompanying anoushka shankar on tanpoura at monument nationale, montreal.

accompanying anoushka shankar on tanpoura at monument nationale, montreal.

YogSufi with Siamak Nasr Place des Arts.

YogSufi with Siamak Nasr Place des Arts.

Main projects & concerts :

2018 - 2019 - Collaboration with electroacoustic composer Benoit Rolland. Veracruz, Oaxaca, Cuernavaca (Mexico), as well as other places in Quebec.

2018 - 2019 - Classical Indian Trio in collaboration with percussionist and music professor Shawn Mativestky and Dhrupad singer music professor Payton MacDonald. BMR (one of the main venues for classical Indian music in New York City), New Jersey, Quebec.

2014 - 2018 : Solo Project “Ina Filip” - performances solo or in collaboration with other musicians, influences of Dhrupad and world chants. Voice and tanpoura. Performances in Burlington Yoga Conference in Vermont, New York, Goa (India), Oaxaca (Mexico), Nova Scotia, as well as locally in the province of Quebec (Lolë White Tour at the Old Port of Montreal) and 30+ yoga centers throughout the province. Collaboration with Payton MacDonald, University Professor from NY, composer John Matthews (aka C# Orchestra), Hannah Winzentzen (veena player from Germany), and other musicians.

2012-2013 Gratte-ciel - back vocalist in this Quebec Folk Rock project created by Guillaume Duchesneau.

2011-2013 Shunya - in collaboration Guillaume Duchesneau, minimalist modal improvisation project - voice, violin, electroacoustic effects. Several performances including a collaboration with circus artists, in which “Atem” (a performance) was created, presented as a street show at the Montréal Jazz Fest (summer 2011).

2012 SufiYog - back vocalist in this project created by Persian musician Siamak Nasr, (Festival du Monde Arabe 2012. Place des Arts).

2011 Mala Treillis - downtempo improvisation trio - performance at Agora de la Danse, different festivals in Quebec.

2011 - 2017 Different collaborations with DJs in the electronic scene. Special mention to performances in international festivals such as Boom Festival Portugal 2012, Sayulita, Mexico 2011, Universo Parallello, Brazil.

Official albums & singles

  • 2019 - Minuit en Fleur EP (ongoing production, to be released this fall 2019). Collaboration between Emmy and Juno award-nominated producer Adham Shaikh, C# Orchestra and Ina Filip. Influences of Dhrupad, West African and Brazilian music.

  • 2019 - Electroacoustic Dhrupad - collaboration between Benoit Rolland and Ina Filip. To be released this fall.

  • 2019 - collaboration with Soohan, California based electronic producer for the track Odoya, to be released in the fall in the compilation Circulate Vol 1, with Gravitas Recordings.

  • 2017 Cantos de Ma - produced by Emmy and Juno award-nominated producer Adham Shaikh, composition and artistic direction by Ina Filip, recorded in Canada and in India. A minimalist exposition of raga Megh, following traditional Dhrupad improvisation structures, along with Brazilian influences and phrasings. Supervised by Umakant Gundecha.

  • 2017 Minuit en Fleur - a single, in collaboration with Payton MacDonald and C# Orchestra. Influences of Dhrupad, West African and Brazilian music.

  • Om - collaboration between Benoit Rolland and Ina Filip. music for a video published by

  • 2016 Water - a piece composed for the movie “Sonic Divide”, by Payton MacDonald, screened in several locations throughout the US and abroad. Fusion of Dhrupad and Brazilian music, inspired on raga Durga. (

  • 2016 Prélude Pélerin - by Guillaume Duchesneau, participation as back vocalist.

  • 2014 Journey to Arunachala - in collaboration with Guillaume Duchesneau and Kai Matthews.


2013-2019 disciple of the renowned Gundecha brothers, considered by many as the world' authorities in the Dhrupad music tradition. Gundecha brothers teach in the ancestral Indian system of art transmission called ‘gurushyshia parampara’. This system implies that the disciple lives with the teachers, devotes all his/her time to practice and is followed closedly by the teacher through daily lessons. Ina lives in Gundecha brothers intern school an average of 6 months every year and continue her studies via distance when back in Québec.

2011-2013 Major (not concluded) in Pop Vocal at UQAM (Université du Quebec à Montréal) - with main focus in world music.

2009-2019 Vocal Improvisation - several workshops with different teachers such as Josée Gagnon (vocal coach at Cirque du Soleil), students from Rhiannon and Bobby Mcferrin.

Teaching experience

Assistant teacher in the Dhrupad Institute in India for Gundecha brothers.





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