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Had a really great review from this US based website "yoga basics"

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“You are the best thing that happened to this Conference” Jane Lanza, organizer of BYC, Vermont, US, 2016.

“Ina, when you play for us, I’m completely transported into a wonderful space – you have no idea how much I appreciate your work and look forward to your return” C.M. from MTL

 “you are so amazing! i am still in awe of your chanting today. i hope to get to hear you again, i would come to Montreal for sure!” I.A. from US

"Ina Filip you blew my mind today. Thank you so much for an amazing workshop". V.K.P. MTL

"i also wanted to say again how important and special sound , music , and soul level vibrations are to us... and with that in mind, how magical your instrument (your voice, being, energy) is and how much it resonated both figuratively and literally with us. When divine sound gives you cold chills… you have a wonderful gift" Ben Lanza, from BYC, Vermont, US.

"You are not only teaching from your heart, you are teaching from your bones. Thank you". Kim Zombik, MTL

"The current running through you is powerful" M.D. from US.