Introduction to Nada Yoga and Ancient Vocal Practices -  Level 1 & 2


Discover the beauty of your own sound, your vibration, your inner music.

The practices from the sacred singing tradition of ancestral India are one of the most powerful forms of Nada Yoga (Yoga of sound).  The practices are, in part, based on learning how to align, liberate and empower one's own voice.

Join Ina Filip in this Nada Yoga workshop, where the depth of the India’s yogic heritage is translated into sound and music.

You will be guided towards a deeper connection with your being; learn to express your voice in ways that may be as yet unexplored; and learn how to let your voice guide you into deeper alignment.

If you have never sung before, or if you believe you don't have a ‘good voice’, this workshop is for you: each voice is sacred, and has its own power. You will be gently guided into this exploration.

If you sing already, or if you use your voice in your profession, this workshop is also for you: you will learn how to activate and integrate different aspects of your voice, while exploring a ‘yogic’ approach to vocalizing.

These workshops are also intended to all Hatha yoga practitioners interested in exploring the subtler vibratory aspects of their practice. Voice is powerful mirror of our inner reality. Not only can it help us to further refine our awareness of unconscious tensions, it can also help us release them. By exploring your voice, you are also unfolding your body on many levels.

Level 1 Description:

Level 1 will focus primarily on setting the foundations of this Nada Yoga tradition:

  • simple vocal practices/meditations.
  • exploration in grounding your voice.
  • exploration of inner alignment through vocal work.
  • vocal liberation.
  • exploration of sacred chanting.

Level 2 Description:

Having learnt the foundations of vocal alignment  in level 1, level 2 will be a more melodic experience, in which you can further apply the techniques learnt before.

We will:

  • learn intermediate vocal practices/meditations.
  • explore ‘body based’ listening, and the power of entering body/sound resonance awareness.
  • the ragas - the powerful archetypal melodies of ancestral India.
  • explore sacred chanting (intermediate level).

Discover the beauty of your own sound, your vibration, your inner music.

Note for the promoter: each level is 2 hours long, and can be done on the same day or in different days.


Explore the OM

In this workshop we explore the mantra Om and learn how to deepen our practice with it. We approach it under 4 different perspectives:

  • A theoretical part, in which the origins, some of  the uses and meaning of Om are exposed.
  • A vibratory part, in which the participants are guided into different meditations / body resonating explorations with the use of this mantra.
  • A listening part, which includes practices of deep listening, and the exploration of subtle harmonic fields. Deep listening practices are great for quietening the mind.
  • A technical part, in which vocal, muscular and spine alignement are explored, so as to open our systems to receive the vibrations of this vocal practice even deeper.

This workshop suits all yogis interested in deepening this practice as well as singers of all levels.

A Dhrupad Approach to Kirtan and Other Sacred Chanting Practices


This workshop is dedicated to kirtan singers and people who are interested in this subject. The workshop covers subjects of Yoga of Sound,  while also exploring vocal technique.

In India, singers of many different musical traditions will come to study Dhrupad vocal technique, in order to apply it to their respective singing. Dhrupad is not only the most ancient classical Indian singing form, but also the most rigourous and profound when it comes to vocal technique and yogic vocal practices. It is, in a way, a main reference in the domain of sacred chants and can be of incredible value to anyone on a kirtan /sacred chanting path.

In this workshop we cover:

  • A short introduction to some of the main forms of sacred chant in India.
  • A short introduction to Sanskrit, the sacred language of ancient India.
  • Some vocal meditations/practices from the Dhrupad tradition, that can enrich the sacred chant experience from a “yoga of sound” perspective.
  • Technical exercises to enrich the singing skills of the participants.
  • Practice of 3 different devotional chants in which we apply the techniques learnt.

This workshop suits all yogis interested in deepening this practice as well as singers of all levels.

Introduction to Classical Indian Music


A workshop dedicated to people who are interested in the rudiments of Classical Indian music, be it singing or instrumental.

Subjects covered:

  • Introduction to sargam (the Indian note system).
  • Introduction to the different branches of Classical Indian Music (Hindustani and Carnatic) and emphasis on Dhrupad (from the Hindustani tradition)
  • Introduction to different ragas, and the whole raga theory.
  • Introduction to micro-tuning.
  • introduction to the concept of musical sadhana (spiritual practice).
  • Introduction to classical Indian instruments and some of the great musicians of Classical Indian Music - guided listening sessions.

The concepts exposed in this workshop are general in nature, and no specific instrument is required. Participants are encouraged to either bring their own instruments or use their voices.

The length of this workshop can vary. A short introduction takes a minimum of 2 hours. Since classical Indian music is a vast subject, longer/periodic workshops are also possible.

Retreat Collaborations

I have participated in yoga retreats in QC and abroad, adding a  sacred sound touch to the sejour. The feedback from the participants are often pointing to the fact that the musical activities helped them dive deeper into a meditative, joyful, sacred space.


I can bring sound and music to retreats through the following activities:

  • Morning kharaj meditations - an ancient sound meditation,  traditionally done first thing in the morning, in which the mantra Om is chanted in a special guided way. An excellent way to start the day, and a great short practice to be cultivated over the whole period of the retreat.
  • Daily short Nad Yoga explorations (30-60m sessions), based on the exercises described in the workshops above. Adaptable to each group’s level and interest.
  • Chanting, in the form of  devotional kirtan.
  • Meditative concert.
  • Individual sessions throughout the retreat.
  • Music accompaniment for the yin restorative classes.