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Moved by a passion for vocal improvisation and a desire to explore music and voice, Ina Filip left her home country - Brazil, and embarked on a journey that continues to this day. With her voice and her guitar, she travelled over a dozen countries for four years, as a nomadic musician. Following these travels, she dived into the electronic scene  collaborating with different DJs and musicians in festivals such as Universo Paralello (Brazil), Boom (Portugal) and Eclipse (Canada).


From there, she moved to Montreal (Quebec, Canada) where she pursued studies in pop singing at UQAM, while being initiated to vocal  improvisation techniques of Bobby Mcferrin and Rhiannon. Her performances include, among others: the Montreal Jazz Festival, Place des Arts and Agora de la Danse.

A great admiration for the improvisational vocal tradition from northern India inspired Ina Filip to meet the famous Gundechas brothers in 2013. The Gundechas brothers are among the main representatives of Dhrupad (the oldest branch of Indian classical music).

 She pursued her studies under their guidance from 2013 to 2019, living 6 months a year in their institute, in Bhopal (India). As of 2020, she has continued her Dhrupad specialization with musicians of the same lineage.

Weaving together these various influences, in addition to her Brazilian musical heritage, Ina Filip has refined a sound of her own.  Her different collaborations can range from traditional Dhrupad music to contemporary classical music to different electronic styles to meditative singing (voice and "drone").

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